Studio Setup

The studio - what is what and what do you need it for


Left and right 2 x ADAM AUDIO monitoring monitors for monitoring and refining the mix
Front right Sennheiser DT990 PRO - Reference for me to have a comparison to the HiFi world
I also listen to my mixes in mono on the Sonos in the upper right corner to test the radio compatibility.


Corsair Gaming Keyboard, because what is good for gamers can only be better for everyday use.
Metal casing, interchangeable keys and built-in USB hub make it a perfect companion for me.
Logitech MX 400 mouse, standard in the office, I like the feel of it.


Viewsonic VP2785 4K - 27 inch is the right size for me and 4K can be helpful when working on many tracks at once.


Left on the podium : Access Virus Ti 2, the best virtual analog synthesizer available, in my opinion. 16-fold multitimbral, endless modulation possibilities, 80 stereo voices, as well as 3 separate stereo outputs and a stereo input make it the all-purpose weapon in the studio.
In the front: Yamaha MODX7, FM synthesis, Advanced AWM and also 16-fold multi-timbral with 128 voices complete the setup, it is also an ingenious master keyboard and an area machine.


Zoom L12, 12 track integrated audio interface and built-in multitrack recorder, helps to get the signal out of the computer and of course into it. The recorder helps to record ideas quickly and easily. The built-in audio interface is also very good and suitable for everyday use. Runs absolutely stable.
Rode NT-2A, an excellent mid-range large diaphragm condenser Mike, some might turn up their nose, but for simple vocals and sampling the microphone is perfectly suited.